Change familiar and go down in history!

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Change familiar and go down in history!

If you want to change the world and in history? Academy STEP supports innovation competition from Intel – Intel RealSense App Challenge 2014.

The main prize is $ 25,000 first prize in the category – $ 25,000, two others – for $ 10 thousand. The main and first prize can add up. Planned 50 prizes for a demo before for $ 1,000, in addition to the 250 best track Pioneer will receive a special prize – a computer Intel NUC.

For inspiration see video winner of last year’s competition. All prize winners – on a special page of the contest.

The competition will take place simultaneously 2 tracks: Ambassador and Pioneer. In track permanent Ambassador will be invited community members who participated in last year’s competition;

Pioneer track is open to all, including those for you too.

Applications will be upon Attempt to detect in an IZ 5 categories:

Gaming and Play (Razvlechenyya and games)

Immersive Collaboration / Creation (Mnohonapravlennoe Interaction)

Learning and Edutainment (Education and Learning through razvlechenyya)

Interact Naturally (Estestvennoe Interaction)

Open Innovation (Open innovations).

Svoy application will be neobhodimo draw on all English materials and competition, Naturally tozhe in Nam. But do trembles earlier time. Russo office Intel obeschaet vsemernuyu assistance otechestvennыm participants. Conduct scheduled and vebynarov laboratornыh works, WILL BE Specialists company conducts consulting. Prysoedynyaytes for our group VKontakte + yGoogle, ask question and Sled for news.

For the full schedule:

28 July – 1 October. Vыdvyzhenye ideas.

2 October – 22 October. Definition fynalystov.

13th November. The deadline for obtaining fynalystamy cameras.

14 November – 20 January 2015. The phase of development.

19th December. The deadline for Provision of early demo.

Obladately hlavnыh WILL BE obъyavlenы call in late February 2015 g

And if you want , we will send you a set of electronic demonstration lessons?


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